[October 14]
Skiing is physically demanding but also requires the ability to flex the hips and knees ( and ankles)and maintain a balance whilst hurtling down the slopes. Being able to load and effectively transfer your body weight effortlessly ( as possible)and only use necessary effort is a skill needing practice. The inital starting point is to look at your natural or habitual patterns to decide if you overload one side and then decide on why this is. If its a balance, strength or motor deficit problem then a personalised programme can be designed for you. Whilst i am not a ski instructor or strength coach i can help you design and implement a performance programme to iron out these motor patterns. Hence better efficiency and potentially longer skiing time. Give it a go. Quote ski package October 14 on booking.

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[October 14]
Need to get ready for the ski season? Why not look at a specifically tailored fitness programme enabling you to last longer on the slopes through more efficient movement. Ski fit package>>


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